Saturday, February 27, 2010


Some cut-ups of different types of screens you can use and apply to your offensive attack. One or two of the clips are from Coach Eien that was on last week.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Scribd with The Red Zone Show interviews.

I will post power points and other items on This way you can view the info from the show during the interview. I will post the power point link and info on here that will be on This is another way to try and improve the overall show experince for everyone.

Coach Hayes

(Producer/Host-The Red Zone Show)

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Eien!!!!

Coach Eien is well known and one of the best offensive minds in the game. He will talk about his Jet Sweep attack from the Shotgun w/ Wing T concepts. Please tune in for a treat this week with Coach Eien.

Tune in tuesday night @ 9PM EST.

Coach Hayes
(Producer/Host of The Red Zone Show)

Here's his PDF file for the interview brought to you by

USA Football article on Tackling 101

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Coach Dave Terry of the Maryland Titians won the second pack. Congrads to him and he won the 2 dvd set of Coach Dave Cisar Singlewing System and paperback book 'Winning Youth Football." Cograds to you coach and get ready for next months give away.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time for another contest give a way

This month I'm doing another give a way. This month you have to answer a question and the 1st one to send the correct answer get this month give a way. What was the 1st team and the year that the singlewing was introduced?

*Hint* Coach Dave Cisar said it in his interview on "The Red Zone Show". Good luck and the winner will be annouce on the show and on the blog.

Coach Hayes
(Producer/Host- "The Red Zone Show"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

One on one with The Great Coach Klausing!!!!

Tune in this Tues. 9PM EST for the one on one interview with Hall of Fame Coach Klausing. This will be a great show that no one should miss.

Coach Hayes
The Red Zone Show

Message to all that follows The Red Zone Show.

After this week's show I will be off the air for awhile. For those that didn't know I have to have surgery. The date is the 16th of this month. When I'm able to get back on my feet the show will be back on. I want to thank everyone for your support and the great guest that have been on the show. The best thing about this is that you can listen to older shows and if there is something you like to be talked about when I get back just post them. The 1st show I will do will be a Wing T round table with the best Wing T coaches I can find. Then I will continue with the same format as before. Thank you all and when I can get back I will. I will miss you all.

Coach Hayes
The Red Zone Show

Friday, February 5, 2010

Providing power points for up coming interviews

What I plan on doing when the show come back on is have everyone that come on to do a power point of what they will cover. This way when you listen to the show you can follow with the power point and get a better understanding. This was brought to my attention this week and when I done interviews many of the coaches say that "it's hard for you to understand if you can't see it." So I will try to provide a power point prior to the interview or after the interview so you can look it over and understand what the presenter is talking about.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer: The Red Zone Show)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Open chat lines during shows starting this week.

I want to have an open chat during the show so that if you have any questions I can ask the guest during his interview. On blogtalkradio the host can open a chat. Now when you click on the link to hear the show you can also chime in. I want the show to be more interactive.
Coach Hayes

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Re-Cap of Coach Leyba interview

This was a great show. Coach Leyba made a scheme that allowed him to mesh the spread, wildcat, Wing T, and option game all in one package. The main thing that you will noticed is how he made his system very simple. He also only uses two sets. This along with his easy rules it makes it a great system to use if you have a youth team and if you have limited time. He also gave some insight on how to apply for a head coaching job going to the next level. This is a hot and heavy topic on many boards. Check out the interview you will really enjoy the info.
Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer- The Red Zone Show)

Monday, February 1, 2010

*****Alert****** Hall of Fame Coach coming on show!!!!!

******Special Alert****** Last night a Hall of Fame Coach has sent word that they will be on the show!!!! Charles Klausing will meet with me today to talk about the details of him coming on the show!!! Now it don't get any better than that!!!! Once the details are ironed out he will be pushed ahead of all guest and his show will be my last one prior to my surg. Please make room on your calenders to hear him live. I will iron out the details this morning and his show page info will go up on here and my blog. If you don't know about Mr. Klausing you need to be spanked with a 1905 playbook. LOL Google the young man and also check on facebook because he has a page here on facebook.

Coach Hayes-"The Red Zone Show"