Sunday, August 30, 2009

This week show welcomes Coach Dave Cisar and Coach Joe Bouffard!!!!

We will continue our focus on the "Wing" offensive scheme. This week we will have Coach Dave Cisar ( will talk about his Single Wing Offensive scheme( During our discussion we will also talk about his defensive scheme he uses which is the 6-2.

Then he will talk about the abc's of coaching. Then we will have Coach Joe Bouffard of the YFBCA ( to talk about position drills, and his version of the spread he runs with is team. He like Coach Cisar do lectures for Glazier clinics. So he will talk about what he covered at his clinic that was held friday. Both coaches will talk about there websites as well.

We will also try to get our fantasy football in that wasn't covered last week. Please tune in because we have a great line up with plenty of info that can help improve your youth programs. We will be running a later show this week because of coaches schedules.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This week we had Coach Deno Campbell and Coach Lenny Magill

This week show was a great one. We had USA Football's own Coach Deno Campbell. He talked about what programs USA Football had to offer youth progams all over. He also talked about the mistakes that many youth coaches make and what they should focus on. You can check out and register to be able to use some of the programs he talked about on the show.

Coach Lenny Magill came on and talked about his Jet Wing T Offense. He talk about his site and his scheme. This is a scheme that he used with youth football players that lead him to a 28-4 record. He talked about plays, tags, and adjustments you will make when you run his system. Just go to to listen to the show. We lost connection at the end, but plenty of info was put out there.

Coach Big B

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I would like to welcome everyone to "The Red Zone Radio Show" blog. What I want to do is use this option to work wih my radio show. You can look at info from my shows that will have info from the guest who came on and updates as well. You can also post questions to me or my past guest as well. Chime in with any info regarding youth-NCA football. I'm new with this, but I want to be able to get info out from my show in every way. For those that haven't heard my show can go to