Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Red Zone Show-Updates!!!

     -Compusports sponsership "Moving The Chains!!!"
Compusports has asked me to do a show for them and it will be called "Moving The Chains!!" This show will begin to air Jan. The format will be like "The Red Zone Show", but will be posted on Compusports Inc. Network. "The Red Zone Show" won't change at all. The format and amount of shows will be the same. The time will be reduced to 30 mins. instead of hour shows. You will still get good content with the change, but doing 3 shows will wear on me and this was the best option for everyone.

NFA partnership!!!
Many of you remembered when I did a round table interview with QBA. Then I did a youth football clinic online and had the Youth QB Coach of QBA (Coach Reid Roe) on the show. His son also Colt Roe came on twice. Since then QBA has grown to the NFA. They now run clinics for all positions instead of WR/QB's. They have extended an offer to me to do a show for them as well. Now what this partnership do for all of you is open me up to a wider range of coaches. (Pro-Youth) In turn you will get the best coaches 25 times a month. (A show a week on The Red Zone Show, once a month for Compusports, and once a week for NFA.) NFA has signed a deal with Frank Glazier. So this means that every coach that speak for Frank Glazier events are now open to you on the show. Most of the guest I have were from these events and others. The thing about this partnership is that now I will travel and host shows for NFA live at their events. This was a great move that all of you will enjoy alot. These shows will be posted on NFA's site and mines as well.

I just want to thank you all for your support. Your support and the great line of coaches that came on is why this show is the best resource for youth-high school football coaches today. Your voices were heard and this is the results of your passion for quality coaching content. Thank you all and nothing will change with the content or flow of the show(s). The only thing that these moves will do is hlep you have a wider range of options to help your programs and educate us to become better football coaches.

Coach Hayes (Big B)
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show/Moving The Chains

Thursday, December 23, 2010

One on One with the speakers of The Wings and Things clinic!!!!!!

This is the time that we need to get ready for next season. The best way is hitting those books, and finding great clinics to attend. I went out and found a few groups that are having great clinics and this group from the west coast have a great one for Wing Based coaches. (Wings and Things) I invited a few of the speakers to come on and tell us about the topics, the set up, history, and a preview of what will be covered at this event. Then I will use our favorite format.... a round table format. Make sure you can clear your calender for this action packed interview.

Guest Speakers:

Coach Jerry Campbell (Option)
Coach Tim Murphy (Double Wing)
Coach Jerry Vallotton (Double Wing)
Coach Rick Steward (Wing T)

Coach Big B
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

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Monday, December 13, 2010

One on one with Coach Natalie Randolph on The Red Zone Show!!!!!

Coach Natalie Randolph
Head Coach of Coolidge High School Washington, DC

This has been an interview that is dear to me because she has an amazing story to tell. Coach Randolph is the 1st female to ever have been hired to be a head coach for a high school team located in Washington DC. We will take a walk about her life and where she's at today. Please clear your calender off for this one on one interview with a true pioneer in her own right.
Coach Hayes
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Special Edition of "The Red Zone Show"-National Wing T Round Table!!!

The National Wing T Clinic is right around the corner. This clinic has been listed as one of the best clinics to date. Last season I asked Coach McDonald to come on the show and give the listeners a preview of what you can expect for this season line up. We will have a Round Table Interview with 4 of the speakers that will speak this season.

Guest Line Up:

Coach McDonald

Coach Tom Herman

Coach Pat Murphy

Coach Johnston

Coach Ray Olsen

If you looked at this line up you will noticed that all of them have been on my show at one point or another. We will have another round table interview with some of the speakers and also give you a sample of what you should expect when you attend this event. Please tune in for a sneak peek at an All Star event coming up in Jan.

We will also have Steve Quinn – National Sales Director, and Erik Richards – National Youth & Scouting Director from FBU coming by to talk about upcoming events and what's going on with FBU. Great show lined up and one you can't miss.

This will be a double dose this week on The Red Zone Show. Hope everyone will tune in thursday night @ 9PM EST.
Coach Hayes-The Red Zone Show

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Coach Mark Hoover is next up on The Red Zone Show!!!

Coach Mark Hoover

Head Coach at Central Davidson High in Lexington NC
2nd season
Teach Physical Education.
Had 3rd winning season since 1988 this year.
Been head coach at Conneaut Lake HS in PA, Chatham Central HS in NC, West Lincoln HS in NC

Grew up in Erie, PA area.
Attended Hiram College of Ohio and Edinboro University of Pa.

Started off coaching the triple option. Advanced to the wing-t then hybrid wing-t. Have used and currently use the Wyatt Double Wing system.
Currently working on my certification in Strength and Conditioning.

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