Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Follow up on last night show (Johnston and Stadem)

This was a great show for many reasons. One of the reasons was the break down of the Spinner Series of Coach Johnston. The thing I love about this job is that everytime I speak with a coach I learned something new and a different concept on how to look at the game we call football. Coach Johnston fused the wing t, and the singlewing into a basic concept that get results. He talked about the key plays he used and how this scheme make it very easy to make adjustments during the game. It also seem like a system that you can run from youth-HS. His book "101 Little Things That Can Make a BIG Difference is also a good read. He has 101 tips on how to improve your coaching from pre season to the end of the season. Nice interview and one you really need to listen too.        

Coach Stadem interview was interesting as well. He talked about key options plays and the reads of these plays so you can add them to your scheme. He shown why it is very hard to defend him on any given sunday. He also made it known it high risk and high reward. Don't think if you install the option you will have no problems. The key is repping the option and staying committed to it. Then he talked about key skill sets per position to help you see what you need in order to run the option. He stay true to his traditional concepts of the wing t, but understood the impact this addition can be to anyone offensive attack.

Coach Hayes

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Johnston and Coach Stadem!!!

Lew Johnston was the head football coach at Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, VA, for 22 years (following an 11-year stint as an assistant coach). His overall record as head coach was 163-64-3, including five southeastern district championships (1997, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2006) and one eastern regional championship (2002). Lew was named southeastern district Coach of the Year six times (1991, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2006) and was selected by the Virginia High School Coaches Association as the eastern region, division 6, Virginia Coach of the Year in 2002. The Portsmouth Sports Club (VA) honored him with its Abe Goldblatt Tidewater Scholastic Coach of the Year award in 1997, 2001, 2002, and 2006.

Coach Stadem for the past 7 years has been head coach ,and 10 years total coaching football. Had a 33-17 record at my first job in Howard, SD. We won two region and conference championships. Also won a State Championship in 2004.He had a very good year this past season going 8-2 and the only loses coming to the 2 time State Champions in our class. He had 3 seniors on the team so we bring back almost everyone. He won a play off game for the first time in 8 years and set the 2nd best record in school history.

Program Topics:

Coach Johnston will talk about his Spread Wing Shotgun system he uses with youth teams. The main focus will be about his spinner series and his book "101 Little Things that can Make a BIG DIFFERENCE".

Coach Stadem will talk about how he uses the option in his Wing T system.

Since I wasn't able to do my show last week, I will do a 2 hour show this week covering two topics surrounding the Wing T system. Please tune in and don't miss this show. An annoucement will be made as well on ths show this week.

Please tune in for a great show.

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Power Points

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Monday, March 15, 2010

It's that time for another give a way!!!!!

It's that time again for another give a way. Every month I will give a way a free coaching pack to a listener of the show. This month question is this. During the Round Table Interview someone brought up a question about the option with the Wing T. Who was that coach? *Hint* he called himself the "Black sheep" of the Wing T family. 1st one to respond via email will get this months coaching pack. 3 items will be given out this month.

Good Luck all and see ya soon.

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Coach John Rice will speak on defending the spread offensive scheme w/ Nickel and Dime packages.

Coach John Rice will come on and talk about how to defend the spread attack with the use of nickel and dime packages. Coach John Rice has spoken all over the nation and even written two books speaking on this subject. In order to stay in the game we need to understand how to adjust and defend offensive schemes. The Spread is being used on very level and we need to understand how to defend it from other packages. Coach John Rice will walk us threw how to defend the spread and the options you have in his defensive scheme. He will also point out key points in his books as well. Please make sure you attend this online clinic.

Power Points:

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wing T Round Table show and re-cap

"Wing T Round Table Interview"

This week the long awaited round table interview will go down this week. I have gotten 5 of the best coaches that run the Wing T to come on and do a rond table interview. I wanted to re-create the beer keg talks that went on after the lectures were done at the National Wing T Clinic a few weeks ago. This is a show you can't miss. Even if you don't like the Wing T you need to attend to see how these coaches think and attack every defense with this scheme that is endless. This is the All Star Line-Up for this week's show.

Coach Mcnew

Coach McNew was the 1st Wing T coach to ever come on my show. He ran every form of the Wing T and is one of the best coaching minds out there to date.

Coach Elrod

Coach Elrod is the Jet/Rocket King. He run a "Hybrid" scheme within the Wing T. He was also on my show a few weeks ago and spoke at the National Wing T Clinic. His conversation with Mcnew is why this interview was driven.

Coach Metz

If you been on any Wing T board you have seen Coach Metz lend a hand to many coaches. He's a great coach and was picked by the members of as one of the top 3 guest they wanted to hear from.

Coach Sells

Coach Sells is one of the speakers at the National Wing T Clinic. He was listed number one of all of the coaches listed on to sit down at this interview.

Coach Herman

Now Coach Herman w/ Mcdonald headed up the National Wing T clinic. He's one of the great masterminds of the Wing T scheme. He was listed 2nd overall to come on and sit in on this interview.

Please tune and I will see you all there on Tuesday night. Chat lines will be open for questions during the interview.

This was a great show and if you missed it you need to be downloading it ASAP!!! The 1st round table was better than I thought it would be. The guest were great and they passed on some great info on this show. When you get 5 great coaching minds in one place you're bound to have some great table talk. Whatever you ever wanted to know about the Wing T it was said in that show. From how to attack any defensive front to option play in the Wing T. Blocking skills was talked about and also how to use different series w/ key points of offensive adjustments. It's safe to say that another round table will be done and it maybe sooner than later. 350 people tuned into that show and that's the best numbers I have ever gotten. This is why "The Red Zone Show" is listed number one overall for youth football radio shows.

Coach Hayes
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recap of last night show w/ Coach Birmingham

This was a great show. Coach Birmingham really went into detail about his 4-2-5 defensive scheme. The one thing I loved about his scheme is the "hybrid" phase of his scheme. His scheme allow you to flow from 4-3, 4-4, 3-4, and 3-3 stack. This is what most teams are going to because of the spread and the option. He also spoke about his blitzing schemes and his triangle read he teaches his linemen. This is a scheme that fits a team that has smaller players that are very fast. So if you have a smaller team and want a defense that fits many needs you need to check out his interview.

Coach Hayes
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Coach Birminghamn enters The Red Zone and talk about his 4-2-5 defensive scheme!!!!

The 2009 season marks the third season for Clayt Birmingham as the UW-Stout defensive coordinator. Birmingham will also work specifically with the linebackers. Birmingham, a former all-conference defensive back at UW-Stevens Point, has coached on the college level at Division I, II and III schools, as well as coached one summer professionally in Europe. In the summer of 2008, Birmingham traveled to Europe with USA Football on a Coaching Instructional Tour to European youth. In the summer of 2007, Birmingham was a member of the coaching staff for the US National Football team that competed at the World Championship of American Football in Japan and also was an assistant coach in the Aztec Bowl. Birmingham coached five seasons (2006, 2005, 2003, 2002, 2001) at Division II Emporia State in Kansas where he was the defensive coordinator and worked individually with the defensive line and defensive backs. Under Birmingham's direction, the Hornets defense allowed only 284.7 yards per game in 2003. The Hornets' defense ranked 17th nationally in 2003 and posted a record of 9-3, advancing to the NCAA Division II playoffs. Birmingham spent two seasons at NCAA Division I Western Michigan, as the defensive secondary coach in 2004 and as a graduate assistant defensive coach in 2000. The 2000 Broncos were 9-3 and won the West Division of the Mid-American Conference. His duties included coaching the defensive secondary, film breakdown and defensive quality control. In 1998-99, Birmingham was a graduate assistant receivers coach at Northern Michigan. He spent the summer of 1998 as the head coach of the Stockholm's Swedish National Championship team in the European Federation of American Football, leading the team to an 11-3 record. Birmingham's first coaching experience was at his alma mater UW-Stevens Point from 1996-97 where he coached the secondary and outside linebackers, including the Detroit Lions 1999 sixth round draft pick Clint Kriewaldt.

Please tune in Tuesday night for the one on one sit down with Coach Birmingham on The Red Zone Show. The power point link is show below so you can follow the information during teh interview. The chat line will be open as well for any questions for the ball coach.
Power Point
Show link
YouTube vid of the 4-2-5 defense

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