Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Red Zone Show-Updates!!!

     -Compusports sponsership "Moving The Chains!!!"
Compusports has asked me to do a show for them and it will be called "Moving The Chains!!" This show will begin to air Jan. The format will be like "The Red Zone Show", but will be posted on Compusports Inc. Network. "The Red Zone Show" won't change at all. The format and amount of shows will be the same. The time will be reduced to 30 mins. instead of hour shows. You will still get good content with the change, but doing 3 shows will wear on me and this was the best option for everyone.

NFA partnership!!!
Many of you remembered when I did a round table interview with QBA. Then I did a youth football clinic online and had the Youth QB Coach of QBA (Coach Reid Roe) on the show. His son also Colt Roe came on twice. Since then QBA has grown to the NFA. They now run clinics for all positions instead of WR/QB's. They have extended an offer to me to do a show for them as well. Now what this partnership do for all of you is open me up to a wider range of coaches. (Pro-Youth) In turn you will get the best coaches 25 times a month. (A show a week on The Red Zone Show, once a month for Compusports, and once a week for NFA.) NFA has signed a deal with Frank Glazier. So this means that every coach that speak for Frank Glazier events are now open to you on the show. Most of the guest I have were from these events and others. The thing about this partnership is that now I will travel and host shows for NFA live at their events. This was a great move that all of you will enjoy alot. These shows will be posted on NFA's site and mines as well.

I just want to thank you all for your support. Your support and the great line of coaches that came on is why this show is the best resource for youth-high school football coaches today. Your voices were heard and this is the results of your passion for quality coaching content. Thank you all and nothing will change with the content or flow of the show(s). The only thing that these moves will do is hlep you have a wider range of options to help your programs and educate us to become better football coaches.

Coach Hayes (Big B)
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show/Moving The Chains

Thursday, December 23, 2010

One on One with the speakers of The Wings and Things clinic!!!!!!

This is the time that we need to get ready for next season. The best way is hitting those books, and finding great clinics to attend. I went out and found a few groups that are having great clinics and this group from the west coast have a great one for Wing Based coaches. (Wings and Things) I invited a few of the speakers to come on and tell us about the topics, the set up, history, and a preview of what will be covered at this event. Then I will use our favorite format.... a round table format. Make sure you can clear your calender for this action packed interview.

Guest Speakers:

Coach Jerry Campbell (Option)
Coach Tim Murphy (Double Wing)
Coach Jerry Vallotton (Double Wing)
Coach Rick Steward (Wing T)

Coach Big B
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

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Monday, December 13, 2010

One on one with Coach Natalie Randolph on The Red Zone Show!!!!!

Coach Natalie Randolph
Head Coach of Coolidge High School Washington, DC

This has been an interview that is dear to me because she has an amazing story to tell. Coach Randolph is the 1st female to ever have been hired to be a head coach for a high school team located in Washington DC. We will take a walk about her life and where she's at today. Please clear your calender off for this one on one interview with a true pioneer in her own right.
Coach Hayes
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Special Edition of "The Red Zone Show"-National Wing T Round Table!!!

The National Wing T Clinic is right around the corner. This clinic has been listed as one of the best clinics to date. Last season I asked Coach McDonald to come on the show and give the listeners a preview of what you can expect for this season line up. We will have a Round Table Interview with 4 of the speakers that will speak this season.

Guest Line Up:

Coach McDonald

Coach Tom Herman

Coach Pat Murphy

Coach Johnston

Coach Ray Olsen

If you looked at this line up you will noticed that all of them have been on my show at one point or another. We will have another round table interview with some of the speakers and also give you a sample of what you should expect when you attend this event. Please tune in for a sneak peek at an All Star event coming up in Jan.

We will also have Steve Quinn – National Sales Director, and Erik Richards – National Youth & Scouting Director from FBU coming by to talk about upcoming events and what's going on with FBU. Great show lined up and one you can't miss.

This will be a double dose this week on The Red Zone Show. Hope everyone will tune in thursday night @ 9PM EST.
Coach Hayes-The Red Zone Show

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Coach Mark Hoover is next up on The Red Zone Show!!!

Coach Mark Hoover

Head Coach at Central Davidson High in Lexington NC
2nd season
Teach Physical Education.
Had 3rd winning season since 1988 this year.
Been head coach at Conneaut Lake HS in PA, Chatham Central HS in NC, West Lincoln HS in NC

Grew up in Erie, PA area.
Attended Hiram College of Ohio and Edinboro University of Pa.

Started off coaching the triple option. Advanced to the wing-t then hybrid wing-t. Have used and currently use the Wyatt Double Wing system.
Currently working on my certification in Strength and Conditioning.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Next up this week on "The Red Zone Show..Coach Darlington of Apopka High School!!

Coach Rick Darlington

Head Coach of Apopka High School


Coach Darlington is no stranger to the football scene. He has been in SI, spoke at Nike Clinics, and have had his team seen as a "Game of the Week" on ESPN. Coach Darlington amazed many people running the Singlewing Offensive scheme at the high school level. No need to be amazed because Coach Darlington has taken down champioships running a singlewing system to perfection. He will come on the show and talk about his system and help improve our programs with the core tips he live by at Apopka High School. This is a show you can't miss.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Coach Todd Reeves and Colt Roe locked in this week on The Red Zone Show!!!!

Coach Todd Reeves

Todd Reeves is Head Coach and Founder of Own The Line.

Todd is a USA Football Certified Coach.

Coach Reeves has experience playing from junior football to high school to junior college to division I college to indoor professional football. Coach Reeves has coached at the youth, high school, and indoor professional level.

In 2008 Coach Reeves was named as the Kansas recipient for the Liberty Mutual Responsible Coaching Award

Coach Reeves will come on and talk about offensive line play from A-Z. We all know that without a great line you have nothing. Coach Reeves will break down how we can improve our line play and the secrets to "owning the line".

Colt Roe
Founder of "Pennies for Passes"
FBU/QBA prospect
QB-Chantilly Youth Football Team

Colt is a special young man that has a message to spread to everyone. He will talk more about his foundation "Pennie for Passes" and how a 14 year old young man is feeding families in need with his gift. So far he has raised well over 7,000 dollars and his goal is to raise 10,000. This is a must hear interview.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Show page link:

Tip of the Month!!! DB Tip from Coach Mcnew

Tip of the Month

DB Tip-Turn and Run Basics

By: Coach Glenn Mcnew










Friday, November 19, 2010

Tip of the week!!!! Pro Bowl Kicker Mike Hollis

Tip of the week from Pro Bowl Kicker Mike Hollis

Improve your kicking/punting accuracy 

"The best, but most difficult, tip I could give to any kicker/punter out there is this...Kickers and punters need to change the way they think about kicking. The need to get away from being "result driven" and rely on form and technique to kick the ball. The ball will always go where it's supposed to go if you can repeat the correct kicking form every time!"

Pro Bowl Kicker Mike Hollis

For more info on how you can improve your kicking game you can listen to his interview and also check out Mike Hollis's site http://www.proformkicking.com/home. Check out more tips every week from The Red Zone Show.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Chris Holt and Colt Roe!!!

Chris Holt is the head football coach at Maryville (MO) High School, a position he has held since 2006. During his tenure at the helm of the Spoofhounds, Maryville has been a Wing-T powerhouse. In the past three seasons, his teams have won 36 games, including a state title and a state runner-up finish. In the process, the Spoofhounds have amassed over 15,000 yards of total offense, including over 11,000 rushing, and have scored more than 1300 points. For his coaching achievements, Holt has received numerous Coach-of-the-Year honors.

Coach Holt will come on and talk about his new release of DVD’s from Coach Choice. We will also break down different concepts of his Wing T system.

We will also have Colton Roe of Chantilly, Va., that is a 13 year old QB that do his part to fight hunger with his "Pennies for Passing" campaign - a program where he collects pledges based on his performance on the football field. The program is in its third year of existence and has raised more than $6,500. He will come on and talk about how a 13 year old is using his skills on and off the field to help feed the hungry.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coach Clark Wilkins of Dum Coach.com is up next on "The Red Zone Show"!!!

This week we will have Coach Wilkins from www.DumCoach.com. He has helped many people with his insight and has one of the best youth football coaching forums on the web. He will come on and talk about his DC Wing T Offense that he created and show why his system is so effective against his opponents.

Mini Bio

Began coaching 1989 with Kennewick Grid Kids as an assistant youth coach.

Head Coach: 1995-2007

Offensive Coordinator: 2008-2009

Forum Administrator Dumcoach Youth Forum: 2006 to present

Creator: DC Wing T offense and DC46 Defense

See you all tonight @ 9PM EST for another great show on 'The Red Zone Show".

Coach BigB
(Host/Producer-"The Red Zone Show"

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coach Dave Cisar and Coach Glenn Mcnew this week on The Red Zone Show!!!

Coach Glenn Mcnew


1. 36 YEARS




(SCHOOL IS 78-4)


                                                      CLINIC SPEAKING EXPERIENCE:


Dave's record of accomplishment in the youth football field is amazing including a 121-17 Fall record since putting this system in place in 2002. He has coached 18 different teams over the last 2 decades. His last 11 teams have won 6 League Titles during that span with 5 very different teams and in 4 different Youth Football Leagues. During that span, 2 of these teams won State Titles in the Top "Select" division in the State. He has done clinics for hundreds of youth football coaches nationwide for Nike, Glazier Mega Clinics, Clinic of Champions and now his own “Winning Youth Football” clinics.

Show link:

Coach BigB
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Jerry Campbell!!!!


Coach Jerry Campbell has been on the show many times and a proud supporter of The Red Zone Show. He has been hard at work and just released his newest manual on The Advance Option Game. If you know anything about Coach Campbell is that he make the best coaching manuals on the net hands down. He has been one of the main speakers for Frank Glazier that travels all over the nation teaching his offensive systems and zone blocking concepts. He will give us a sneak peak at his newest project.

Interview Link:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Frank Marcucio!!!! (Seen on ESPN)

                                                              Coach Frank Marcucio

Holy Cross High School -- Waterbury 1981 - 1988 Assistant Varsity Coach -- Head Freshmen Coach 1986 - 1988 -- 12-8 record Coached in Class L State Championship Game in 1984 -- lost 3-0 to Wilbur Cross - New Haven

Shelton High School 1989 - 1999 -- Assistant Varsity Coach -- Head Freshman Coach 1991 - 1993 -- 26 -4 record Coached in 1995 Class LL State Championship Game -- won 14-7 over Trumbull. Won Housatonic League Championship in 1991.

Newtown High School 2000-2005 Assistant Varsity Coach -- Coached in 2000 State Class LL Semi-Final Game -- lost to Fitch 56-7.

Wilbur Cross High School 2006 - 2007 Assistant Varsity Coach

Bassick High School 2007-present --- 2007 -2008 Assistant Head Coach. 2009 to present Head Coach

Interview Link:


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Hargitt!!! Topic: Shotgun Double Wing

Coach Hargitt has been a football coach for the past 12 years. He has served as a head varsity coach, head junior varsity coach, and offensive coordinator at the high school level in Illinois, Indiana, and North Carolina. Coach Hargitt’s junior varsity double wing teams were conference champions in 2007 and 2008. He’s currently the offensive coordinator at Mt. Holly Middle School in Mt. Holly, NC. Coach Hargitt’s teams mesh the Double Wing with multiple shotgun formations that allow their offense to adapt to different situations and confuse opposing defenses.

Coach Hargitt will be on this week Thursday night 9PM EST 8-12-2010

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Interview Link:


Power Point:


Monday, August 2, 2010

Double Wing Round Table!!!

If you listen to the Wing T round table you know what to expect for this one. The Wing T round table was one of the highest rated shows since The Red Zone Show has been on the air.


I have 3 great double wing coaches coming on and they will answer questions about the system we call "Double Wing". I will ask questions that many people ask on double wing sites or been sent to me. I had plenty of double wing coaches on the show. What I did this time was asked 3 new guest to come on and to do this interview. Now for your panel for this week's show.

Coach Jack Gregory

Jack Gregory started coaching football in 1990 and has coached semi-pro, high school, middle school, and youth football in North Carolina, California, Texas, and overseas. He has twenty years of football coaching experience and thirteen years of coaching the double wing offense at middle school and youth levels. He is founder and president of the national Double Wing Symposium and creator of the http://www.doublewingsymposium.com/  site. He has also authored several books; Youth Double Wing: A Winning Youth Offense written in 2006 and published by Wordclay and 63 Defense: A Winning Youth Defense published in 2008 and also published by Wordclay. He has a new book coming out and it is the second book on the Youth Double Wing called Youth Double Wing: The Gun! Coming out this Summer on the direct snap double wing variation as well as advanced concepts used in the youth double wing system. He also collaborated with Championship productions on the Youth Double Wing DVD set, a five disc set, that covers the youth double wing system from top to bottom. He also created the website called http://www.gregorydoublewing.com/  where you can find all sorts of information on the double wing offense and football in general.

Coach Chris Austin

[2008- Present] Cypress Pop Warner

2008- Head Coach Midget Level (D-1)

2009- Athletic Director/ Assistant Coach (Jr. Midget & Jr. Pee Wee)

 (2008) Teams advanced to the quarter finals of the play-offs; (2009) Jr. Midget Team advanced to the quarter finals of the play-offs; Jr. Pee Wee Team advanced to the OEC Orange Bowl championship game.

[2003 – 2007] Los Alamitos Pop Warner

2003 Offensive Coordinator

2004 to 2007 Head Coach

 (2003) MM OC- helped coach team to 5-5 season; (2004) JPW HC- finished tied for 1st in division & league, with only 1 regular season loss & made it to OEC play-off quarter finals; (2005) JPW HC- Finished 1st in division & league, won OEC conference championship ORANGE BOWL; won Regional Championship WESCON, finished 3rd place in Pop Warner Championship games SUPER BOWL- Tomlin Division; (2006) PW HC- Finished first in division & league, won OEC conference championship ORANGE BOWL; won Regional Championship WESCON; won Pop Warner National Championship SUPER BOWL- Warner Division.

Coach JJ Lawson

Started coaching youth football 11 years ago. In those 11 years I have coached with 18 different teams (Head Coach of 12). Some teams I have coached my own sons, and the rest of the teams, I found new 'sons'. I enjoy coaching football because no other sport helps turn a boy into a man the way football does. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Dealing with triumph and defeat as well as learning to work and sacrifice with others as you strive for a common goal is something that is missing from todays 'video game generation'.

Currently, I am the Freshman Head Coach for Fontainebleau High School in Mandeville Louisiana. I run a 'help desk' type of website for football coaches. www.FootballHelpDesk.com.

Coach Lawson also moderate the Double Wing Football Coaches Forum on Delphi.

Both of these places are full of helpful information for new coaches and veteran coaches alike. The forum is full of guys asking & answering questions about all areas of this great sport. I have personally met some of my best friends at that forum.

Please tune in for a great show with 3 great double wing coaching minds at one time. This week's show will be at 9PM EST Tuesday (8-2-2010). See you all there.

Coach Hayes
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

Show page link:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Coach Speckman and Retired NFL DL Larry Webster (Baltimore Ravens) talk x's and o's this week!


                                                                    Mark Speckman


Mark Speckman has been coaching football at Willamette University for the past 15 years. He was the Bearcats offensive coordinator for three years and the head coach for the last 12 seasons.

Prior to Mark moving to Willamette University he had spent 14 seasons as a high school head football coach. He had coached his teams to a sparkling 113-48-3 record (.689) winning percentage.

At Merced High where he coached for eight seasons Speckman led them to national prominence. His 1989 and 1990 teams each enjoyed a perfect season going 14-0 each year. Additionally, the 1990 team was voted the best high school team in California and was ranked number 5 in the nation by ESPN and number 10 in the country by USA Today.

The Willamette Bearcats record during Speckman's tenure is a sterling 99-55-1 mark (.638) winning percentage. He was named Northwest Conference Coach of the Year in 1999 and 2008 after coaching his teams to the NWC title. Mark was also named AFCA West Regional Coach of the Year in 2008 and was a finalist for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year in 2007 and 2008. He has led the Bearcats to the NCAA Division III national playoffs in five different seasons.

Mark has spoken at over fifty football coaching clinics and given numerous motivational talks to business, community, and educational organizations throughout the United States.

Coach Speckman will come on and talk about his fly sweep scheme and the history behind this system.

Larry Webster DE/DT Ravens 96-01

Larry Webster (born January 18, 1969 in Elkton, Maryland) is a retired NFL player that played defensive tackle and end.

Webster grew up in Elkton, MD, where he attended Elkton High School and later the University of Maryland. He was drafted in the third round of the 1992 NFL draft by the Miami Dolphins. Later Larry was sent to the Browns in 95 and then was given a second chance by The Baltimore Ravens from 1996-2001. He finished his career with the NY Jets 2002.

Webster is currently an assistant coach for the Baltimore Polytechnic Engineers football team. Now, Coach Webster will talk about his youth to NFL career and key coaching points on defensive line work on The Red Zone Show.

Make sure you tune in for another great show brought to you by The Red Zone Show.

Show Link:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Red Zone Show greatest hits!!!!

Below are the top shows in downloads since the show has been up and running. Enjoy and thank you all for the long time support. The Red Zone Show is still the number one resource for youth football on the web thanks to you.

Coach "BigB" Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

The Wing T Round Table

(Guest(s)- Sells, Mcnew, Elrod, Metz, and Herman)
This was a personal fav of mines because I was able to get 5 great Wing T minds to sit down on one show and talk about key questions about this system. The info that wa given out was unreal and this show still get 2-5 hits a week.


Bucksweep.com enters The Red Zone Show

(Guest- The owner of the site have a sit down with the ball coach)

This is when I 1st got into the Wing T rotation on my show. This was a great interview because we talked about the myths and in/outs of the traditional Wing T. The members of bucksweep.com pushed the downloads of this show to make it in the top 5 on my show.


Coach Dave Cisar w/ SOFF Warriors

(Guest(s)- Coach Dave Cisar and SOFF organization)

This was a special show. This group brought Coach Dave Cisar's Singlewing system. They had two coaches that never coached before and the whole organization made it to the championship except for one team. (The coach that didn't use his system.) Coach Dave came on while SOFF was on the show. This was great because the teacher was talking with his students. Later the SOFF won organization of the year presented by Coach Dave Cisar. Great show and one of my favs as well. This one is listed in the top 6 of all shows.


Coach Val and Coach Tim Murphy (Double Wing rotation)

When I 1st began the show I was walking from one system to the next to hit all fans of every system. This was when I was ending my double wing rotation. This is listed as the number 1 show of all shows. Coach Val written a book called "The Toss" which is listed as one of the best double wing books out there to date. He spoke about it and the double wing system. Coach Murphy is the super star of double wing right now as was great on radio. Nice mix of guest and this was the turning point for the show.


Coach Emendorfer and Coach Weidner (Spread and Double Wing)

This is when I was doing two hour shows. Coach Emendorfer was great an Weidner started the double wing rotation. Nice inteview and it drew many people live and on downloads.


Coach Glenn Harris and Coach Derek Wade (Spread vs. Double Wing)

This was great. Coach Glenn Harris is a big time spread coach. He came on and talked about his spread concepts and it started a debate quickly once he got off the line. Coach Wade a double wing coach came on after him and talked about the double wing and why he felt that this system was better than spread. (Harris comments about the double wing rubbed him the wrong way. LOL) It was great radio and a must hear.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coaches Choice Tom Buzzo w/ Coach Doug Brown!!!

Tommy Buzzo is the head football coach at Liberty (VA) High School, a position he assumed in 2002. During his six seasons at the helm of the Eagles, he has led Liberty to an exceptional 54-13 record (80.5%). A 1993 graduate of Concord College (WV), where he played for the Mountain Lions as an inside linebacker and weakside defensive end, Buzzo began his coaching career as an assistant on the gridiron staff at Athens (WV) High School. He is a nationally recognized presenter for both the Frank Glazier Mega Clinics and the Nike Coach of the Year Clinics. In addition, Buzzo served as the head coach of the Team U.S.A. Powerlifting Squad from 1994-1996 that represented the United States in powerlifting competition at the Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, Russia, the World Cup in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the International Championship in Helsinki, Finland.

Coach Buzzo has done many instructional DVD's for Coaches Choice and will come on and talk about his hybrid 4-4/4-2-5 defensive scheme.

Coach Doug Brown

Coach Doug Brown will come on and finish his youth footall online clinic and talk about the following topics.

  • Youth Practice Organization

  • How to deal with difficult parents

  • Youth Special Teams

  • Rules

Please tune in at 9PM EST for a great football clinic on The Red Zone Show!!!

Show link:


Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes All Pro Kicker Mike Hollis!!!!

Mike Hollis

Mike Hollis, retired NFL kicker of 9 years. Mike played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, and New York Giants. He represented the AFC in the 1998 Pro Bowl in Hawaii and presently ranks in the top 20 in overall field goal accuracy in NFL history. Mike has worked with 5 different Pro Bowl punters during his NFL career, learning from and coaching each of them. Mike Hollis will drop in and talk about the kicking game and his Pro Form Kicking Camp.

Dr. M. Martin

Dr. Martin will also drop in and talk about the hottest topic in football right now...concussions. She will talk about what cause them and the signs of a player that may have suffered from one. She will also tell us how to care for a player that has one and the proper steps for treatment. Please tune in for a great show.

Link to show:


Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Jay Carrigan and Jimmy Lamour!!!!

Coach Jay Carrigan

                                                              Head Football Coach
                                                              Delton Kellogg High School
                                                              Delton, Mi.


*17 years coaching experience.
*14 Years high school coaching experience
*6 years as varsity head coach
*3 years Offensive Line Coach, Olivet College, Olivet, Mi. NCAA Division III

Topic: Panther Fly Offense

The Panther Fly Offense is a multiple formation offense. The Fly/Jet sweep is the base play that sets up our entire offense. Inside and Outside Zone are the primary blocking schemes. The passing game utilizes 3 and 5 step drop, Sprint Out, Play Action, and Waggle schemes.

Power Point:
Jimmy Lamour is a former NC All South defensive back from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC. During his collegiate career, he set the record for interception return yards at the school. Upon graduation, he tested numerous philosophies on strength and speed through seminars, self-study, conversation with renowned strength coaches, and training of hundreds of athletes. He will come on The Red Zone Show to talk about the importance of conditioing and what his program has to offer to our youth players.
Power Point:
Please tune in to another great show and line up for this week. You're getting a 2 for 1 this week. See you there at 9PM EST on 6-30-2010. Just click the link below to listen in live.
Show link:
Coach Big B
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes The FBU and YFBCA!!!

The FBU will come on the show and talk about their progams for youth football coaches/players. Coach Quinn will come on and educate us on events and projects that are coming down the pike.

The YFBCA has been on before and coming back on to talk about changes that Coach Joe Buoffard has made to his site and about the NFL HSPD Program he hs been working with this off season.

This will be a great show because the info given will help any youth program.

Please tune in tonight at 9PM EST.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Show page link:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Red Zone Show welcomes Coach Ray Olsen!!!! (Wing Gun Jet Sweep)

Ray Olsen is the Head Middle School Football coach in the Hermitage (PA) School District. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he played offensive guard under legendary football coach Johnny Majors, Olsen has been coaching for more than three decades. He began his coaching career as a graduate assistant at his alma mater in 1975. Since then, he has coached at a variety of competitive levels, including high school, middle school, Division I college, and Division III college.

Coach Ray Olsen will come on and talk about his version of the Gun Jet Sweep scheme and talk about key issues that youth coaches face when installing and running this system.

Special Guest Co-Host Coach Metz will be on as well with me to conduct the interview. He was one of the guest that was on The Wing T Round Table Interview panel. Tune in for a great show. See you tuesday night.

Show Link:


Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Monday, May 31, 2010

The New Sponser of The Red Zone Show!!!

Compusports.com will be the 1st sponser of The Red Zone Show. All of the details are being worked out as we speak. I wanted to thank Compusports.com for becoming the 1st sponser of the show. Don't worry about the show at all. Compusports.com don't want to make any changes to the show our the outline of the show. In most cases a sponser wants to come in and make plenty of changes. This isn't the case with this partnership. Compusports.com want to enhance the show and provide me with things to try and expand the show. Check out Compusports.com to find out more about what they have to offer.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Red Zone Show Youth Clinic Part 2!!!!

Coach Doug Brown will finish his youth clinic session with the following subjects:

  • Youth Defensive Scheme (5-3 defense)

  • Special Teams

  • Pratice Planning

Coach Reid Roe will cover the "Development of youth quarterbacks" in the second session.

Coach Reid Roe

Quarterback Academy Director of Youth Development

Reid Roe is a nationally-recognized youth QB coach, with more than eight years of experience coaching youth football in New Jersey and Virginia.

Roe was the Director of the Quarterback Camp in Northern Virginia for four years before becoming National Director of Youth Development for QBA in 2008.

Roe has trained hundreds of youth QBs from Northern California to South Florida. He has a unique understanding of how to bring QB skills and throwing mechanics to life in the minds of young quarterbacks.

Make sure you tune for another great show/youth football clinic this weds. night at a special time 7PM EST.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

Show Link:


Monday, May 24, 2010

The Red Zone Show Online Youth Football Clinic Part I. (Guest Speaker-Coach Doug Brown)

Guest Speaker
  Coach Doug Brown

(Coach Brown's Bio)

Coach Doug Brown has been coaching since 1994 (i.e. 2010 will be his 17th year). This season will be his first in Tucson (AZ), where he will be the head coach of the Tucson Jr. Midget Redskins. Prior to moving to Tucson , Coach Doug coached in the Redondo Beach (CA) Youth Football and Cheer program. During his 17 years, he has been a head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams coordinator, and position coach for every position on the field. He has attended dozens of coaching clinics and camps, and has spoken at a number of coaching clinics as well. Coach Doug is an active member of several online coaching communities/discussion forums where coaches from all over share information and ideas. The majority of teams he has coached over the years have made the playoffs despite usually taking on those teams in greatest need of help. He has been associated with several teams that have won regular season division titles and one conference championship. In addition to his coaching background, he was on the Board of Directors of Redondo Beach Youth Football & Cheer (www.eteamz.com/redondobeach) for 9 years, was their President for 2 years and was named Volunteer of the Year twice. On a more personal note, Coach Doug grew up in Connecticut ( New York City suburbs), went to college at the University of Virginia , and lived in the South Bay area of Los Angeles since 1990 until moving to Tucson in March of this year.

If you would like to see a little of what Coach Doug’s teams did the past couple of years, there are numerous (about 150) clips on YouTube – most clips are of single plays, but some are of complete drives or compilations of similar plays. Most have detailed descriptions of the plays with coaching points on what went right and what went wrong. It’s an ongoing process so several clips don’t have that full documentation yet. He put the clips up mainly for other coaches (so it’s not just highlights – there are a lot of good plays and some bad ones as well), but it will give you a good idea of some of his schemes and approach – you can see them here: www.youtube.com/footballcoachdoug.

Coach Doug Brown will be the guest speaker for our online youth clinic. The subjects that will be covered will be.

  • Youth Spread Offensive Attack

  • Screen Passing Attack from Spread Attack

  • Youth Zone Rushing attack

  • Youth Special Teams

Please tune in for a great show and online clinic for youth football coaches. You may have missed the clinics this season or may not had the money/time. Well come join us as we help you prepare for this season. Class is in session and will start Weds. night 9 PM EST. See you there and click below for show link.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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YouTube Links of his scheme:


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coach Brian Flinn break down Villanova's 5 wide attack!!!!

Brian Flinn returns for his fifth season as Villanova's wide receivers coach in 2009. Flinn will also oversee Villanova's national recruiting efforts as the program's Recruiting Coordinator. He is currently in his second stint on the Main Line. He was previously at Villanova from 2000-01 where he coached the tight ends and assisted with the offensive line. His specific recruiting area will consist of Western Pennsylvania and Northeast Ohio.

Last season, Flinn coached sophomore wideout Matt Szczur to second team All-CAA honors and senior wide receiver Phil Atkinson to third team All-Conference distinction.

A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Flinn arrived at Villanova from Eastern Illinois University where he served as an assistant from 2002-05. In addition to coaching the wide receivers and tight ends at Eastern Illinois, he was also the school's pass game coordinator and recruiting coordinator.

He has also had coaching experience at the University of Maryland (graduate assistant, 2001-02), Drake University (wide receivers, 2000), and Mount Union College (linebackers, 1999/wide receivers, 1998).

As a player, Flinn was an All-Ohio Athletic Conference tight end at Mount Union College where he was part of Division III National Championship teams in 1993 and 1996. While at Mount Union, he earned a double major in Business Administration and Philosophy in 1997.

Tune in to hear his 5 wide passing concepts this week on The Red Zone Show.

Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show)

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Red Zone Show online football clinic!!!!

The Red Zone Show will host an online youth football clinic in two weeks. I will have guest (Coach Doug Brown) come on and talk about the following subjects.

Spread Offensive scheme for youth football

Using the screen game out of spread for youth football

Zone Running and blocking and running from the spread for youth football

Sound defense... for youth football

5-3 Free defense for youth football

Special Teams for youth football

How to run a effective practice for youth football

How to handle parents

Understanding the rules of youth football

All of these topics will be covered in a 2-3 part series on the show. More info about The Red Zone Show online youth clinic will be out this week. I will also see if The QBA group could come on and do a break down on QB development as well. Stay tune because the outline will be out soon.
Coach Hayes
(Host/Producer- The Red Zone Show)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Host of "Coaches Corner" John Anderson and The QBA enters The Red Zone Show this week!!!!

John Anderson is the host of "Coaches Corner".  http://compusports.net/radio/coachscorner.asp  He invited me to come on his show a few weeks ago. I wanted John to come on and talk about his show and Compusports. Compusports is a company that provide all kinds of coaching items to help improve coaching. We will do an one on one interview and then interview The QBA together in a round table format. The QBA staff will come on and talk to us about 2-0 and all they have to offer to help groom the most important position on the field.....the quaterback. John isn't a stranger to radio. He has well over 30 years on the mic so this is an added treat to mesh both shows in one for the listeners of The Red Zone Show.

                                                           QBA   http://www.get-2-0.com/

                                                      Coaching QBs, Building men since 1988.

QBA is the leading source of QB training and development in the nation.

The depth of our expertise. Our coaches have cracked the code over more than two decades devoted to studying and coaching throwing mechanics.

Self-correct coaching. QBA-trained players learn to recognize feedback instantly and adjust immediately.

Our core values. Instilling Confidence, Character, Commitment, and Consistency helps young athletes become men, and helps quarterbacks become leaders.

QBA founder, Darin Slack, was an All America QB for University of Central Florida. QBA is built on Slack’s lifelong commitment to mastering proper throwing mechanics.

There's no better instruction for QB technique anywhere. And QBA success stories are everywhere. Coast to coast. Youth league All-Americans to NFL rosters.

Darin Slack

QBA Founder / President

Coach Slack has more than 20 years of coaching experience, after his playing career as an All America QB for University of Central Florida.

Slack, based in Orlando FL, is regarded as one of the best teachers of QB technique in the nation.

Ryan Mullaney

ProspectFIT National Scouting Director

Ryan Mullaney is a veteran high school varsity and NCAA coach. He played six years in the NFL, after his NCAA career at UNLV and Colorado.

Mullaney, based near Denver CO, heads the ProspectFIT program and oversees the development of QBA Blackshirt players toward NCAA opportunities.

Justin Boice

Director of Operations

Coach Boice has experience as a high school varsity QB coach, and manages QBA camp operations throughout the nation


• DJ McCarthy,

⁃ Director, Receiver Academy

⁃ Coach McCarthy has won NCAA national championships, both as a

player at Washington and as a Receiver Coach at LSU. He leads the

WRA Receiver Academy, new this summer.

Please clear your calenders for this even and tune in for a special episode of "The Red Zone Show" that you can't miss.

                                                                        Coach Hayes

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