Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What to expect for second season of The Red Zone Show.

This is year two of the show and I can't wait to kick in this season on the right note. The next few guest will be Frank Glazier. Then we will focus on keep points to improve coaching. Talk about new tips to help improve coaching and coaching concepts. The Red Zone Show will cover plenty of topics. The show will run all year long. So you will get plenty of football all season long. Stay tune and thank you all for your support.

Coach Hayes-The Red Zone Show

Top 3 shows of 2009 on the Red Zone Show.

Coach Val and Murphy (Double Wing series)

This was the number one show of the season. What I did was try to run a group of shows based off of systems. The Double Wing is one of the most feared and used systems to date. I had a group of coaches that ran the double wing come on and talk about the systems. Now Coach Val made a book called "The Toss". This is a book that talks about the systems and how to install it. Great read and I feel it's a must for any coach. Then Coach Murphy came on and was the highlight of the show. I didn't know he was suppose to play against Coach Jerry Campbell that weekend. He has a lot of energy and was a great guest. This show lead in downloads and hits.

Coach English, Vint, and Jerry Campbell

This was the 2nd highest rated show. This was a great interview (all of them are.) because Coach English is a outstanding teacher. He uses a trips shotgun system with youth players. He also uses a zone blocking system at the youth level as well. He has spoken at many places and also prep kids for the combines as well. Then Coach Vint came on to talk about the Pistol system. What we didn't know was Coach Jerry Campbell was going to call in. This interview became a 2 on 1. A great interview and it was a nice surprise as well.

Coach Dave Cisar w/ SOF Warriors

This was the 3rd rated show and it was a tight race with others from this season. This was a great show because this was a teacher meet student interview. This local organization purchased Coach Cisar system. They ran it and the whole club advanced to the Championship. Coach Cisar asked them to let them know how they did for that season. What they didn't know (SOF Warriors) was that Coach Cisar was coming on to check on them. This was an excellent story and intervew because you could tell they were nervous and was at awwh of Cisar. He also met them in florida when one of the teams won the championship.

Other great shows:

Coach Emendorer and Weidner (Spread and Double Wing)

Coach Pratley and John Rice (Spread Pistol Option and Defending the Spread)

Coach Jerry Campbell (Pistol Option scheme.)

All of the shows were great and I can't wait till this up comin season that began last night.

Coach Hayes-The Red Zone Show.

The Red Zone Show welcomes

This was a great show if you missed it. This is the owner and creator of This is the best resource site for those that want to know anything about the wing t system. We went over the history of the system, talk about a few myths, and some more insight of the system. also has a great forum where these coaches really work to help one another. Check out the show and

Happy New Year and tune in next week.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Xmas from The Red Zone Show.

I just wanted to say to everyone Merry Xmas and I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Coach Hayes-Host
Red Zone Show

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Frank Glazier Invasion part 2

If you listen to my show you know that I got most of my guest that have spoke at a Frank Glazier event. I have done the same thing again and I have 5 guest lined up to come on the show that will appear on the Frank Glazier tour. Check in every week and see what guest you wanted to see this off season will be on the show. Coach Jerry Campbell and Coach Luci were the 1st two that are set up to speak this season that came on already. (Jerry Campbell tonight.) So tune in and enjoy your online clinic at the Red Zone Show.

Coach Hayes

The Red Zone Welcomes Coach Jerry Campbell!!!

Everyone is getting ready for the off season clinics. I went and got guest that will appear at Frank Glazier clinics and asked them to come on to give you a preview on what will be talked about at these clinics. My last two guest will be at Frank Glazier. Coach Jerry Campbell is one of the coaches that will appear at a clinic near you. So Coach Jerry Campbell will return on the show to talk about his single wing scheme. He also will talk about his multiple 4 man front defensive scheme as well. Coach Jerry Campbell has the largest online coach site. He has written books on many offensive and defensive schemes. He will give us some insight on both his books and his own twist to these schemes. Please come in and get a preview of what you can look forward to this season of the Frank Glazier clinics on The Red Zone Show.

Coach Hayes