Friday, May 27, 2011

SW Symposium Round Table!!!!!

Many of you remembered the SW Conclave Invasion series that aired a few weeks ago. Well by the numbers that series was a hit. Now the round table format is the leading format (per the download numbers) since "The Red Zone Show" has been running. We have had the Wing T, Double Wing, and now we will have the SW Symposium Round Table Interview. I will have speakers from this event come on and give us a sneak peek at what will be covered at this event. Tune in to hear from some former guest like Dr. John Ward (Hall of Fame SW Coach) and Coach J. Barg, Coach Doug Kerr (Pres. of the NSWCA), Coach Thomas Culliton, and Coach Walter Siryk. Tune in this week to listen in on what will sure to be a great event. "The Red Zone Show". The best youth-hs football radio show for 3 yrs. and counting.

Coach Big B
Host/Producer-The Red Zone Show

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