Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chalk talks w/ Coach Ron Jenkins this month on "Moving the Chains!!!

Coach Ron Jenkins

If you have ever studied the west coast offensive system you have came across Coach Ron Jenkins. Coach Ron Jenkins written the west coast offensive bible "Coach the Mulitple West Coast Offense". Coach Ron Jenkins body of work with the west coast offense is well known. He has studied this system from some of the greatest minds to date. Coaches like Norv Turner, Sid Gilman, and Mike Martz. We also can't forget two late great legends Don "Air" Coryell and Bill Walsh. Coach Jenkins who don't do many interview agreed to come on and breakdown the WCO and how to install this system at the youth level. This will be a 3 part series with Coach Ron Jenkins. Make sure you tune in for an one on one sit down with Coach Big B and Coach Ron Jenkins.

Coach Big B
Host/Producer-"Moving the Chains"

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Basic QB Reads-Part 1

Basic QB Reads-Part 2

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